When a company is formed at the state level, in most cases, it is required to designate a “registered agent”, a person or company with a physical address located within the state of the company’s formation to which official documents can be delivered. In most cases, and officer of the company acts as the company’s registered agent in it’s home state. Documents most commonly delivered to the registered agent are the company’s annual reports from he Secretary of State, or similar authority, and notices of legal actions against the company.

Doing business in another state

When a company does business in a state other than it’s home state, in most cases, the company must file what’s called an “Application for Authority” which notifies that state that a company from another state wishes to operate there (a company doing business in a state other than it’s home state is referred to as a “foreign” company.) When this application is filed, in most cases, the company must again designate a registered agent, with a physical address located in the foreign state. This is where a professional registered agent plays a role receiving official documents for your company and forwarding them to the person of your choosing.

Making the Switch

If you are currently using another registered agent service provider and wish to switch to us, Wolz Corporate USA will prepare and file all of the necessary forms at no additional cost to you.